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Music Streaming

Posted: 12/01/2018

Gone are the heydays of cassette tapes and CDs. Since the late 1990s, audio technology has come a long way and music streaming has been increasingly driving the way we consume music. As streaming technology continues to evolve in this digital era, so as the overall musical landscape.

Today, music streaming has more than 100 million paid subscribers worldwide. In 2016, the global music industry derived half of its revenue from the digital music world and streaming made up most of the digital revenue; while global streaming revenue alone has registered a remarkable growth rate of 60.4%, attracting the lion’s share of attention in the industry. Yet despite the expected upward growth momentum brought by further development and new opportunities, music streaming faces a pressing need to overcome the industry’s hurdles which include the “value gap” (the mismatch between the value reaped by digital service providers and the revenue being returned to the music community), piracy and a potential pricing war.

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